Wednesday, May 27, 2009

The American Experience

I really enjoyed the American Experience New Orleans. I found the history and the background really interesting and helpful in trying to find a topic for my essay, because it allowed me to see the essence and heart of the city. I love that the city has so many different background and cultures and learning how they came to all be in one city was very interesting. 
I liked how the video showed you the history and then talked about the present and flipped back and forth between the two with every new topic they talked of really allowed me to compare and contrast the changes from the old New Orleans to the new.
My favorite part was when they showed how screwed up one of the restaurant were and how the people, who worked and owned it were just going to rebuild. It really showed how much the people that live there really love their city. I also found it very interesting how much New Orleans is still influenced by the french culture even today. 

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Essay Ideas

Here are some of my ideas, for my Photo Essay:
Graveyards- this is the one that fascinates me, and I am most interested in.
Haunted New Orleans - very interested in this one as well.
Plantation Houses
Cajun Cooking
9th Ward
Voodo/Fortune Tellers
Landmarks/Historic places
Street Performers
Night Life
Street Performers